Yesterday, I hit the running track after months of absence. My target is simple, finish 6 laps running.

My personal best is 11:45 minutes, back then I was still a freshman. Years go on, I still haven’t beat my younger self.

But I want to keep trying, and trying. When I was sprinting for the last two laps, I thought that the essence of a sport is not to beat others. We try to beat ourselves, to get the best of us. No matter what the result is, we keep try! Don’t give up.

Another “sport” that I routinely do is playing Rubik’s Cube. I’m not too interested in speedsolving but I’m a fan of fewest moves solving. I was a national champions three times, but I lost it this year.

Like running, I still haven’t beat my personal best of it. 24 moves, happened three (or four?) years ago. Last week, I almost tied it with 25. But I won’t give up!

Try to beat yourself, and get the best of you

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