You May Save a Life

If someone out of nowhere message or call you, then telling about his/her problem please give a response.

Tell him/her you are listening, you care for him/her, you are trying to understand. Even though it just eleven or twelve messages.

The worst response is no response at all. Avoid this. Avoid. No matter what he or she did to you in the past, always give a response. I repeat, always give a response. Yes, I look at you, girls. You may save a life.

That person who called you probably have depression, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts. They have hard time with their problems. When someone with severe depression and anxiety in their down time, one of their most recurring negative thought is, “No one care about me.”

If you don’t give a response to a someone who is suffering from his/her thoughts. The thoughts will become stronger and stronger. “No one care about me. I am worthless. Why should I stay here? Even if I die, no one will really care about me.”

There was someone who suicide in facebook, doing it in live video. What I hate most is the comment, “Just do it, cowards”, “Come on”, “What a sinner”, and so on.

Let me tell you that some people can not control their thoughts, what we can do is prevent that thoughts to become an action. Without judging them.

Don’t tell them they are not grateful for life, they are. Don’t tell them they are a sinner. Telling them about it just make it worse. Just listen, try to understand, state clearly that “I am here, listening”.

Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are very common. But here, someone who admit they have it treated as weak person, judged being religiously ignorant, can not control theirselves, sinner, not grateful with life, and so on. So they hide it, don’t talk about it, then things get worse.

And they who seeks treatment to psychiatrist is judged as crazy and need to be excluded from society. Dilemma, isn’t it?

We have right to keep our mind healthy.

Last, please response to anyone who wanted to share their problems with you.

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