Proposal and Rejection

Tapi justru ini juga yang bikin saya salut sama doi, bisa ya se-santai itu menerima, sebut saja penolakan. Biasanya orang akan jadi cenderung menghilang pasca kejadian seperti itu.

My wife said this in her blog. I actually don’t understand people who avoid any social contact with the woman after rejection, why should they?

Last year in July, I proposed to her, but she “rejected” me. I put that in a quotation marks as she still insists that was not a rejection, lol.

Long time ago, I heard an advice, I forgot who said it to me – most likely my parents, that there if someone propose to marry someone else, the one who receive the proposal has a full right to accept or reject it.

She has the responsibilities to consider many things to say yes, she would also think very serious about saying no. That alone is a though task to do. She probably asked her parents, her family, or her friends. Probably she prayed very hard to get an answer.

When it come to conclusion to “yes” or “no”, I should respect her decision. It already a result of deep prayers, thoughts, advices, and considerations.

For me, no means no, I would not ask again because I respect a decision that is not easy to made. I feel that it will be crossing her boundaries if I keep asking her. Simply, no means no, not try harder. Girls, take a note on that.

So if someone has rejected you over a proposal, get over it. She just perform an obligations to considering a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You and her still can be a friend, doing casual chat or may be replying comments in her social media. Don’t think as if she is an enemy whom have to be avoided.

Also, to propose to someone is a *very* hard thing to do. It takes a lot of time to gather courages, guts, nerves, just to say “will you marry me?”. If, someone doing it to you, at least appreciate his efforts.

Marriage is also a serious business to consider. It is very hard to convince yourself that he or she is “the one”.

However, that was an advice from a friend:

You will not be able to 100% convince yourself about it.

So, if you want to propose to someone or someone proposed to you, do not search any reason to say “yes, she is the one”, instead ask yourself, “what is the reason you should say ‘no’ to him/her?”

As she asked again later about the proposal, I had not find any reason of which I should say “no”.

As times goes by, I still don’t find any reason to say “no” 🙂

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