Bad Day Anticipation

Things don’t always go as we planned. Some can go right, others can go wrong.

Sometimes we will have unavoidable, monstrous, and miserable day. We have to face it. Make the best of it.

Making your bed every morning is one of the thing you could do. In case you have a miserable day, you will come to a bed that is made – by you. When you have a miserable day, you will feel a little happy to see a clean room.

It will give you hope, that tomorrow will be better. Cleaning your desk before leaving will also help. Exercise a lifestyle as close as a minimalist would.

Sometimes, I think my life will be much simpler if I only have 2 bags. One for clothes and one for my technological gears. No cupboard, no desk, no clutter. Spaces is better than clutters. But, I think that will not be possible for now.

Exercise, a little jogging or running will make your body producing dopamine. That is a chemical that stimulus our happiness. It will also keep you healthy.

Travels. Make a little walk around. See the world. See what people do. Collect experiences. Collect memories. Don’t collect things.

Share. Teach what kind of knowledge you have. Donate some of your changes to charity. Volunteer to those who need.

When a bad day happen, do things above. It will make you a little bit happier.

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