A Random Comment on Youtube

You are a Beautiful person, you are valuable, you are needed, you are important and you are loved, by those around you, by strangers.

Life can be pretty crappy, I’m experiencing things myself and it can be hell it will get better over time, no matter how long it takes it will get better, You are a strong person, you are destined to do great things, I believe in you, I know you can do anything.

There is only one of you and you are beautiful, brave and strong. you deserved to be loved and you deserve to love.

To those self harming: it’s going to be Ok, you don’t need to replace your emotional pain with physical, Because i’m here to take the burden of your pain away.

To those, considering ending it all: Don’t think about the negative, or the past focus on the positive, the future you may have, You will be missed, you are loved, and needed, many will never forgive themselves if you left the earth, because they love you.

It will get better over time, you’re Destined to do great things, you’ll have a family, and you will be happy once again, I promise, and i will be thinking of you every step of the way, even if i don’t know you.

Love you, stay strong.

Come and Go

Time, memories, friends, acquaintances, jobs, places, lives.

They come and go. They only visit us for a fraction of time. We are just standing beside the river of their flow. Come and meet us for a while, then go.

Sometimes we want to hold them, but they have been already far away, fading from our lives and never coming back. We can say, we’ll meet again someday. But that someday would never come, sadly.

Different World

“After marriage you will live in an entirely different world.”

I feel that it is kind of true now.

Before feeling it, I also observed that my married friends live in a different world.